Top 10 Best Weight Vests For Running Of 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Best Weight Vests For Running

How to choose the best weight vests for running and workout? Weight vests are an excellent way to get the maxim results out of your running. You wouldn’t believe the amount they can assist with setting you up for competitive events.

Or on the other hand to drop a few extra pounds. Yet, before you just pick up the first weight vest you can find, ensure you consider this.

There are products that are suitable for strength training like push-ups and pull-ups, however, they will likely be less than suitable for running. The problem is the amount they end up bouncing on your body, which can be distracting and sore.

So, we’ve tested out 51 different products to come up with this list of the best-weighted vests for runners.

Top 10 Best Weight Vests For Running.
Best Weight Vests For Running

Top 10 Best Weighted Vests For Running Reviews

1 – Tone Fitness Weighted Vest – Best Overall

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  • Material: Neoprene
  • Weight: 12 lbs


  • Shoulder straps provide a comfortable fit
  • Fast to put on and take off with just one clasp
  • Completely open front design for better cooling
  • One size fits all with an adjustable front strap


  • It’s not an adjustable-weight vest

This Tone Fitness product is at the top of our list of best-weighted vests for runners for two important reasons.

First of all, it’s truly comfortable, and you hardly feel any shoulder pressure even on longer runs. Secondly, the completely open front means you won’t excessively sweat with it.

Just remember that you can’t add to the vest as you gain higher fitness levels.

2 – Zelus Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Neoprene
  • Weight: 4 to 20 lbs


  • Wider than average shoulder padding for more comfort
  • Front zipper pocket to hold your smartphone
  • Breathable material seems to reduce sweating


  • Slimmer people might find they can’t tighten it enough

What we preferred about the Zelus are the great weight options and the broad shoulder straps.

This helps to distribute the weight all the more evenly without causing pressure points that can cause stiffness on longer runs.

There’s also an enclosed pocket on the front to keep your phone safe. What’s more, the ventilated design should reduce the amount of sweating.

We just heard from a few female clients that they figured it didn’t tighten enough on their slim upper bodies.

3 – Adurance Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Neoprene
  • Weight: 6 to 18 lbs


  • Reflective strips on the front and back
  • Convenient mesh pocket on the back
  • Very well balanced feeling even when running at faster speeds


  • Parts of the straps seem to be a little bit rough

In the event that you tend to go for a run when it’s dark, safety should be a top need. With this Adurance vest, you get a large reflective strip on both the front and back.

We also preferred the mesh pockets on the back. They are tight enough to keep a few things like your phone and keys or some snacks for longer runs.

Just be careful with certain areas of the straps where the material can rub on your skin a bit and make it sore.

4 – Cross101 weighted vest

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  • Material: Nylon and Neoprene
  • Weight: 20 to 80 lbs


  • Available as heavier options for higher-intensity training
  • Includes a convenient water bottle holder
  • Cool camouflage pattern


  • Slightly limited range of motion due to full body design

We’ve seen a few people wear this one in cross-training workout sessions, and it’s great because you can pile on a bit more weight.

There’s also a water bottle holder that fits larger bottles and keeps them from bouncing around something over the top.

Just remember that you might have some limited movement with the vest assuming you plan to use it for different types of exercises.

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5 – miR Air Flow Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Washable Cotton
  • Weight: 20 to 60 lbs


  • Also available with a zipper front for easier removal
  • Maximizes airflow to help you stay cool
  • Easily adjustable with removable iron weights


  • The position of the weights can limit deep breathing

The miR adjustable weighted vest gives both of you design options. One with a fully closed front part to it and the other with a zipper that some people find makes it easier to get on and off.

On the off chance that you’re going for one of the heavier ones, I feel that could be really smart.

The weights come out easily enough so that you can adjust it quickly enough if you have any desire to switch from running to different types of exercises.

The only thing we found with the miR adjustable weighted vest is that the weights sit quite high on your chest, which can limit your breathing.

6 – ZFOSports Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 12 to 50 lbs


  • Convenient front pocket to keep a phone and keys
  • Fits tight but is comfortable to reduce rubbing and bouncing
  • Even weight distribution with wide straps to reduce pressure points


  • It’s not the easiest to keep clean

This is another one size fits all option with a great range of weights to give you a lot greater flexibility with regard to making changes to your training intensity.

We also loved that it fits tightly, which reduces the amount of bouncing or rubbing on the skin that can become entirely uncomfortable.

Because of the material design, it tends to repel less sweat, which makes cleaning it even more of a test.

7 – RunfastMax Pro Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 12 to 60 lbs


  • Very durable materials even when used for obstacle courses
  • Straps on tightly to reduce bounce when running faster
  • Includes a phone pocket and water bottle holder


  • Removing the weight plates is a bit difficult

The RunfastMax Pro weighted vest has a durable enough material that a lot of our clients like to use for obstacle course challenges and cross-country training.

Even with the higher weight limit, you’ll find that the straps are wide enough to distribute the pressure properly.

It’s just not the simplest option to get the weights in and out, so remember that assuming you like switching intensity in your running.

8 – Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Nylon and Polyester
  • Weight: 40 to 150 lbs


  • One of the highest weight limits we could find
  • Easy to adjust the weight vest pockets as needed
  • Sweat-resistant so doesn’t get smelly


  • The really heavy vest might not be suitable for running

The Cap Barbell Adjustable weighted vest is most suitable for people who really need to take their training up a level with a range from 40 to 150 pounds.

It’s relatively quick and easy to swap out weight on the off chance that you need to, and we appreciated that the materials don’t tend to get sweaty and smelly. Cleaning down after use should be easy enough.

We just found the 150-pound option didn’t sit quite comfortable enough for running or hiking, as it resulted in a few pressure points.

9 – GoFit Papped Adjustable Weighted Vest

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  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 10 to 40 lbs


  • Very durable materials should see you using them for years
  • Water-repelling so it doesn’t get saturated in rain
  • Large reflective strips on the front and back


  • Difficult to remove the weights from the pouches

We noticed a lot of people in online forums talk about this weight vest and its sturdiness. Some people have been using it for quite a long time without any signs of wear and tear.

Furthermore, assuming you tend to run in every weather condition, you’ll like the fact that it repels water rather than get soggy and wet.

What we could have done without is that the pouches are tight, and that makes it extreme to get the weights in and out.

10 – Pure Fitness Adjustable Weighted Belt

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  • Material: Nylon and Terylene
  • Weight: 20 lbs


  • Highly reflective material for safer runs in the dark
  • The snug fit means it won’t bounce around while running
  • The vest comes with broad shoulder straps that spread out the weight better


  • Switching out weights is quite difficult

This one is popular with a lot of runners who go running along roads with a lot of traffic. The vest is highly reflective, which should make things a lot safer for you.

It’s also a decently weighted vest for women and men, as the straps are highly adjustable to different body sizes.

I just wouldn’t buy this in the event that you need to regularly adjust the weight as it’s difficult to get at them.

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Buying Guide: Best Weighted Vests For Running

Top 10 Best Weight Vests For Running
Best Weight Vests For Running

Here are the seven areas that you need to remember before making your final decision.

Durable Materials

My experience with weight vests has been that they almost take as much punishment as your runners do.

That is the reason you cannot underestimate how important heavy-duty materials are to ensure you don’t end up replacing your vest consistently.

Nylon or neoprene material are the two best options we found, and a combination of both works great.

Look for the softer neoprene on the straps and some other padding, while any areas that support the weights should be intense nylon.

Water And Sweat Resistant

You maintain that running vests should be heavy with sand or iron, not rain or sweat.

The most important thing for me is that I like to wash down my running vest with a wet cloth, rather than taking out every one of the weights each time to put it in the wash.

The more sweat-resistant the materials are, the less smell you’ll notice. This can also be achieved with certain chemical treatments that work as an antibacterial obstruction.

Weight Limits

There are two things you need to remember here.

First of all, each vest will have an upper limit, and you should avoid going over that limit.

It happened to me before when I overloaded a vest, and it started to quickly tear.

Secondly, in the event that you like switching around your training intensity, you’ll need a vest with adjustable weight pockets.

These permit you to add and remove weights as far as possible.

“Wearing a weighted vest could assist people with losing weight by making them burn more calories and by tricking their body into reducing a person’s appetite so that they eat less, a new study has found.” (Tom Bawden, Contributor at

It’s also a great option in the event that you plan to use the same vest for running and different workouts like CrossFit, where you’ll need to adapt.

Kind Of Weights

You’ll generally find two types commonly used.

Lighter vests will typically use either small bags or pockets of sand. The advantage of this is that it’s a cheaper solution yet works well overall.

In any case, I have found a few vests where the sand pockets weren’t watertight. As a result, the sand becomes wet, and the vest is heavier.

My preferred option is dedicated iron-weight plates that slip into tight pockets. These should make it a lot easier to adjust the weights, and they remain exceptionally precise.

You might also notice some vests that have pockets of small iron balls. Apparently, they are a bit cheaper than the plates, and personally, I don’t figure there should be an issue with them.

Breathability And Ventilation

You’ll find that running vests that only have straps on the front tend to provide the best amount of ventilation.

Yet, you’ll always have some part of the vest covering your upper and possibly lower back.

Some of you might think: I’m going to sweat anyway, so how could this matter?

Indeed, the more sweat that doesn’t get away from your skin can make things entirely uncomfortable and, surprisingly, sore.

The vest and your clothes could end up rubbing on your skin, causing blisters. Suffering from these setbacks could cause you to stop exercising, hence ruining your momentum.

Sort Of Padding

To get the most comfortable fit, you’ll need to investigate the straps and the padding.

First of all, the shoulder straps need to be wide enough to better distribute the pressure on your shoulders.

In any case, they also need thick froth padding so that you don’t feel a lot of pressure in one spot.

Also, a lot of vests are one size fits all, and that means you need to look for good adjustments to make them fit tight and comfortable enough.

Storage Pockets

In the event that you regularly continue longer runs, you might need something beyond a small pocket for your smartphone.

It’s great to listen to some music while you’re running, yet to stay hydrated, then, at that point, you’ll need somewhere to keep a water bottle.

The problem is that it needs to be a tight-fitting pocket. I had one vest where the bottle ended up being quite loose. Furthermore, as a result, it slipped out regularly, which was a major pain in the, guess what.

So, always check that there are either elasticated or adjustable straps on pockets to protect things.

FAQs About The Best Weight Vests For Running

Do Weighted Vests Hurt Your Back While Running?

No, weighted vests shouldn’t hurt your back while running unless you have previous back problems. With the proper padding and shoulder strap design, you should have the option to distribute the pressure to avoid any pain.

Does Running With a Weighted Vest Build Muscle?

Yes, running with a weighted vest can Build muscle. Note that you need to run at high-intensity levels to fully strain your muscles. As a result, your body will respond by repairing the strained leg muscles and adding new muscle fibers.

How Many Extra Calories Does a Weighted Vest Burn?

A weighted vest can burn 10% to 15% more extra calories. Some studies have shown higher results, yet this is a decent normal to deal with. It primarily depends on the weight of the vest, the terrain you’re running, and the typical speed you run at.

Is Running With a Weighted Vest Better Than With a Backpack?

Yes, running with a weighted vest is better than with a Backpack. Most backpacks are not designed to fit your body closely, so it tends to bob around. Also, a Backpack is likely to start rubbing your shoulders and back, which can become extremely painful.

How heavy should my weighted vest be?

Studies suggest that vests gauging somewhere in the range of five and 40 percent of a person’s body mass have all been really used to improve cardiovascular execution. With such a high level of changeability, it makes sense — as with most things in strength training — to start on the lower end of that spectrum and increase your strength and stamina as you go.

If all else fails about a weighted vest, you might need to go for an option with considerable changeability in weight selection. Like that, you can increase or decrease the weight in your own particular manner.

How would I get started using a weight vest?

In the event that you’re intending to hit the treadmill with a weighted vest, plan to start slowly. After you’ve selected your weight, start by strolling with your vest before running and running. Just as you would program progressive over-burden in the exercise center, do likewise with your weighted vest. Ensure you adjust to strolling, then running, then running — all with excellent structure — under weighted conditions before climbing in weight.

Similarly, on the off chance that you’re planning to lift weights with a vest, start slow. Incorporate the weighted vest into your warm-up sets, perhaps avoiding incorporating it into your heavier sets until your body gets accustomed.

What kinds of exercises can I do with a weighted vest?

As long as the vest you’ve chosen is conducive to your desired movement, you can play out a wide range of exercises with weighted vests. These incorporate running, sprinting, and weightlifting, as well as a large exhibit of bodyweight exercises, similar to pull-ups and push-ups.

How long should you keep a weighted vest on?

Weighted vests are best for shorter workouts that range somewhere in the range of 5 minutes as long as 60 minutes. In some cases, they can be worn for a couple of hours depending on your fitness level and the workout, however, weighted vests should not be worn day in and day out.

Final Words – Best Weight Vests For Running

Weighted vests are great training tools for a wide assortment of workout needs. These wearable weights can kick your training up a notch on the running path, in the weight room, in your parlor, or also outside running. Assuming you’re looking to increase strength, boost your cardiovascular fitness, or change your body composition, weighted vests are designed to assist you with doing just that — without really changing the mechanics of your workout.

Before selecting your very own weighted vest, ponder what your goals are, what kinds of activities you need to perform with your vest, and what sort of fit you’re looking for. Recall that you needn’t bother with the heaviest vest available to have a major effect on your training. Yet, assuming you accomplish intend to stir up to intense stacking capacities, remember that while making your purchase. Whether you’re looking to stack your vest gradually, or slap a heavy plate in there and get going, realize that your workout is going to get robust.

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