Top 8 Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles (2023)

Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles

How to choose the best resistance bands for building muscles? Whether you prefer upper body conditioning, core exercises, or leg days at the gym, using resistance bands is a great way to add a challenging component to your workout and help improve your strength, stability, and mobility.

There are multiple types of resistance bands — including loop bands, tube bands, power/assist bands, and resistance straps. At the point when used in sequence with bodyweight movements, resistance bands are designed to mimic the use of machines, free weights, and bulky gym equipment. “My favorite type of resistance band is a loop band for exercises like squats, glute bridges, and deadlifts,” says Gabby Drucker, personal trainer, and owner of Drucker Fitness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We purchased 20 resistance bands and tested them in The Testing Lab. Each band (or set of bands) was rated on a scale from one to five based on quality, the accuracy of unit measurements, versatility, feel and grip, portability and storage, and overall worth.

Underneath, you’ll find the best resistance bands for building muscle on the market.

Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles
Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles

8 Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles – 2023 Updated Reviews

1. Best Overall Loop Bands – RenoJ Resistance Bands Set

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  • Grippy non-slip strip
  • Instructions included
  • Affordable


  • Max tension is not as intense as other bands
  • Better for beginners

After completing a series of squats, clamshells, lateral walks, and light arm exercises, we gave the Renoj Exercise Workout Bands the top spot in our loop band category thanks to the non-slip grip and latex-polyester knit composition, which made for a comfortable fit.

The woven style and double-stitched seam appeared durable and helpful for avoiding snapping, tearing, or unraveling of the band. The set comes with three bands in light, medium, and heavy resistance levels. The bands appeared durable, although our tester noted that she would have preferred assuming they were smaller in diameter to add some more resistance during exercises.

Testing Notes: “The portability and durability of these bands are what sets them apart. The grip and feel are also really nice, especially compared to thinner rubber bands that tend to roll over while performing high-tension exercises.”

While they’re easy to throw into a gym bag alone, it’s nice that the Renoj bands accompany a mesh bag to keep them in one place — which is the reason we gave them a five out of five scores for portability. The included instructions were also helpful because they illustrated easy-to-follow exercises, great for both beginners and experienced users.

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2. Best Budget Loop Bands – Insonder Resistance Bands Set

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  • Five resistance levels
  • Comes with a compact carrying bag
  • Clearly labeled resistance levels


  • May slip on wet skin
  • No instructions included

With five bands ranging in tension from 10 to 40 pounds, the Insonder Mini Bands are an affordable set of loop bands that can be used for a variety of exercises and stretches. The set is especially helpful for beginners who want to gradually increase the resistance of their bands over the long haul as their strength improves.

We found that each of the bands felt thick and durable despite the difference in resistance levels. Our tester also said that in comparison to other bands she tried, she felt comfortable even while using the lighter bands — realizing they wouldn’t tear or snap. Another thing our tester appreciated was that the bands were easy to differentiate thanks to plainly labeled dots that corresponded with their resistance levels.

Latex-based loop bands can attract hair and dust due to static, but we found that the chalk-like residue coating these bands protected them from the collection of debris. It also created a smooth surface that didn’t pinch our skin during the test. With that said, we mimicked sweat by spraying water on our skin during exercises and found that the bands slipped slightly. But despite correcting the bands slightly during some moves, they still felt comfortable and easy to use on wet skin.

Testing Notes: “Grip-wise, these stayed in place on my leggings but I didn’t find that they were too sticky or agonizing. I preferred that they weren’t slippery and that they didn’t pack. The tension is really great and I appreciated that all levels provided a decent workout. The heaviest really challenged me… but positively!”

Insonder’s bands are super lightweight, but it was still nice that they accompanied a mesh carrying bag for easy transport. After all, with five bands to monitor, it’s easy to lose one going to and from the gym.

3. Best Overall Tube Bands – GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set

81aVU3yos3L. AC SX522 min 1


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Hardware and tubes are durable
  • Instructions included


  • Resistance levels might be slightly inaccurate
  • The heavy weight of the set decreases the portability

Loop bands are the most famous style of resistance bands, but we were still ready to get a decent workout with this collection of tube bands. Tube bands are more versatile and it’s easy to incorporate them into a wide variety of exercises — especially upper body exercises. Plus, large numbers of the bands we tested — like the GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set — included multiple accessories to add a challenging element to our exercises.

Almost all of the tube bands we tested included a set of handles (either secured or detachable). These proved helpful because they allowed us to grasp the bands without fear of slipping while completing high-intensity moves like rows or squats. But what really stood out about the GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set is the addition of high-quality door anchors and ankle straps — considering even more workout versatility.

The hardware of the accessories seemed high quality and we appreciated the foam on both the handles and the ankle straps. Scratching or discomfort can occur without comfortable, padded material — especially while performing exercises like resistance band kickbacks or door anchor rows — which is the reason this attribute was something that adds to the overall quality of the GoFit Extreme set. Our tester also noticed that even when her hands were wet, they didn’t slip.

Testing Notes: “In the event that you want a band set that will provide you with a lot of options, this one is a decent choice. It’s very durable and I noticed that the hardware was comfortable to use against my skin. I’d even spend a little more money on it if necessary.”

Since there are so numerous ways to use these bands, we found the instruction manual that accompanied them to be super helpful, especially with the easy-to-follow illustrations. We referred to the book a few times in The Verywell Testing Lab and it helped us use the tube bands to their full potential. This, in addition to the convenient carrying bag, were a couple of reasons this set rose above the other tube bands we tried out over the two-day testing period.

4. Best Budget Tube Bands – Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

71MBuFmZLkL. AC SX522 min 1


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Instructions included


  • Lighter bands may lack durability
  • Resistance levels might be slightly inaccurate

Assuming you’re looking for affordability, the Whatafit Resistance Bands Set is a budget-friendly tube band set that doesn’t skimp on quality. Our tester found the bands very comfortable to use, and he noticed that even during the sweat test, his hands didn’t slip on the handles. While the ankle straps didn’t include the same quality of foam padding as the handles, the discomfort didn’t get in that frame of mind of completing his lower body exercises.

Tubes with tensions of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 pounds are included in the box in addition to the ankle straps, handles, and a door anchor. Our in-Lab measurements for size didn’t match the product description, but the resistance levels of the bands still ascended as expected from light to heavy.

While the latex tubes seemed durable, our tester made note of the construction of the accessories — saying they didn’t seem as durable as other pricier options on the list. But he still felt safe using the bands and accessories even when heavier exercises were completed in The Lab. The carabiner clips were a special bonus that offered an additional layer of safety.

Testing Notes: “In the event that you’re looking for several resistance tube options on a careful spending plan, this set would be a decent choice. The ankle straps and door anchor seemed a little flimsy, which is worth noting for heavier exercises. Be that as it may, I never felt unsafe performing any of the exercises.”

Similar to some of the other resistance bands on our list, a small instruction booklet was included with the set. The exercises appeared fairly basic, but the thorough descriptions and illustrations caused our testers without much experience to feel more comfortable while using the bands. A carrying bag was also included and we preferred that it offered a way to keep all of the tube bands and accessories in one place during travel.

5. Best Power Bands – Serious Steel-Assisted Pull-up Band

81Fwd1p4B1L. AC SX679 min 1


  • Clearly labeled resistance levels
  • No slipping with wet or dry hands
  • Four bands for all experience levels


  • Not as portable as other sets
  • Versatility is limited

Loop bands and tube bands are optimal for total-body workouts, but assuming your primary goal is to improve your pull-up game, the Serious Steel-Assisted Pull-Up Bands are an ideal choice. Power bands are designed for use with our own body weight and they’re different from other styles of resistance bands because they’re longer, thicker, and made for heavier weight use. We found them to be great for pull-ups, though they weren’t ideal for exercises like bicep curls or squats because of their tougher composition.

Since the Serious Steel set included four bands with multiple resistance options, testers of all experience levels had the option to use the bands safely. One of our testers noted she preferred having the option to start with an easier band that offered more resistance during her pull-ups and work her way up to using a band that offered less resistance (almost mimicking a bodyweight pull-up).

Testing notes: “This product feels super sturdy, and I think it’s a great choice for pull-ups. I didn’t feel worried that they planned to snap back at any moment, and I like that four bands are included because it allows people who’ve never done pull-ups to gradually progress to pulling up their own body weight.”

We noticed that the bands felt sturdy on both wet and dry skin, and they didn’t feel like they would snap back at any point throughout the test. Our tester shared that an included instruction guide would have been helpful for workout guidance, but she valued that the bands were color-coded based on their resistance levels — making it easy to select the ideal one for a particular exercise.

6. Best Resistance Straps – Healthy Seniors Chair Exercise Program with Two Resistance Bands

81rXgOm0FL. AC SX522 min 1


  • Great for chair workouts
  • Written instructions included
  • Instructional video included


  • Bands may slip if not tied correctly
  • Handles aren’t easy to attach to bands

Most of the bands on our list are designed to challenge you in your workout routine, but the Healthy Seniors Bands are lightweight and perfect for simple chair exercises and stretching. Our testers found the 18-page guide that accompanied these straps very useful and easy to understand and peruse — making it a decent option for people requiring more guidance. While none of our testers fall into the “more seasoned adult” age range, one of our testers noted this set might cater to older exercisers or those with physical limitations more than others on the market, thanks to the instruction guide featuring low-impact chair exercises.

Inside this set’s box, we found two bands labeled “light” and “medium.” They were easy to use alone, as well as with the included handles. Our tester made note of a slight safety worry for those with compromised dexterity — when the bands are loosely tied around the handles, they might snap back. She says that this can be fixed by double-knotting the bands instead.

Testing Notes: “I really partook in the booklet that includes pictures and instructions for a lot of different chair exercises. The bands show up pretty durable and I can see them being extremely useful for more established adults or for those bound to a wheelchair.”

Completing squats, bicep curls, and hamstring stretches were easy with this set thanks to the durable handles and straps. We can’t say a lot in terms of long-haul durability without further testing, but the latex construction should hold up to repeated stretching and continuous use. While a carrying bag is not included, the entire set just includes four lightweight pieces which we found easy to convey in a gym bag.

7. Best Variety Pack – Kootek 18-Pack Resistance Bands Set

81x9gnnk02L. AC SX522 min 1


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Resistance tubes and loops in a set
  • Affordable


  • Tubes aren’t all the same length
  • Bands may slip on wet skin

The Kootek Resistance Bands Set is an 18-piece set that will give you resistance loops, resistance tubes, and everything you want to take advantage of them. While unboxing the set, we were glad to see the sheer variety of items included.

The five latex resistance loops feature resistance levels between 5 and 40 pounds. Resistance loops are also included and offer resistance tension between 10 and 50 pounds. Thanks to the versatility of resistance levels, we found it easy to complete a wide scope of at-home exercises with the set regardless of our experience level.

Testing Notes: “I appreciate that a bag is included to keep the tubes in general and accessories in one place. It’s also pretty helpful that loop bands accompanied the tube bands which allowed me to complete a wide scope of exercises without buying each separately.”

One of the fundamental reasons the Kootek set secured a spot as our Best Variety Pack is because of the helpful accessories included. In addition to the tube bands and loop bands, two ankle straps, two handles, and a door anchor shipped in the box. Our tester was ready to use every one of these tools to craft a challenging total-body workout. The included core sliders (something we didn’t find in some other resistance band sets we tested) also offered an easy way to upgrade a home core workout routine.

8. Best Splurge Loop Bands – BC Strength Glute Loop Package

BCStrengthGluteLoops ea2a62adcf154ba7b8cf1728dc54b5b7 1


  • Durable knit design
  • Grippy non-slip strip
  • Doesn’t slide on wet skin


  • Expensive
  • Better for advanced users

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Our testers concurred that the BC Strength Glute Loops were some of the most durable bands we tried over our two-day testing period. The six-pack will set you back a bit more cost-wise, but thanks to the high-quality knit texture, we noted that they’re probably going to hold up to continuous wear after some time.

The bands can be used for stretching and arm workouts, but we found them ideal for leg exercises like squats, hip thrusts, and clamshells. We completed these exercises in addition to some moderate stretching and found the bands to be comfortable without pinching our skin. Our tester noticed that the bands didn’t move or slip while being used thanks to the non-slip strip woven into the texture, which is the reason they got a perfect score in the feel and grip category.

Although there are six bands included in the set, our testers noted that even the lightweight bands were pretty heavy — improving them for cutting-edge users versus beginners. In any case, we appreciated that the set included two diameter sizes (S/M and L/XL) which offered the ability to complete more exercises with a single set, regardless of your body size.

Testing Notes: “I noticed that the resistance is heavy and that the bands are staggeringly strong and grippy! They’re high-quality and they seem durable. They’re best for experienced users because the lowest degree of resistance was still heavy.”

In The Lab, we recorded a weight of 1.8 pounds for the set of six bands which makes them fairly easy to take in a hurry. But an included carrying bag would still have been a nice addition, especially at the higher cost — which is the reason they snagged a moderate score in the overall worth category.

Buying Guide: Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles.
Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscles


Prior to purchasing a resistance band, you really want to determine how you want to incorporate it into your workout routine. In the event that you’re trying to challenge yourself during leg and glute workouts, a loop band might be best. For arm exercises like tricep extensions and bicep curls, you’ll be better off purchasing a tube band, similar to those in Whatafit’s Resistance Bands Set. While loop bands (like tube bands) are particularly helpful for specific movements, they’re also versatile and can be incorporated into a total-body workout.

In the event that you opt for a power/assist band like Serious Steel’s Assisted Pull-Up Band, you’re probably trying to improve the structure or intensity level of your pull-ups. These bands aren’t as versatile, but they can also be used for some forms of stretching. What’s more, in the event that rehabilitation or low-impact exercises are part of your routine, opting for a resistance strap will give you optimal versatility for use with upper or lower body work.

“Think about how you want to include resistance bands into your workouts, and that should help you choose which kind to go with,” says Gabby Drucker, personal trainer, and owner of Drucker Fitness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Tension Range

Essentially every set of resistance bands comes with a specific tension territory — whether noted by level (light, medium, and heavy) or by pounds. Furthermore, some brands list the resistance tension territory for every one of their bands, rather than just for the set.

It’s important to find a set with a minimum tension that works for your lighter exercises but the greatest tension that will prove challenging for heavier workout routines. This is where variety packs prove to be useful because they often offer somewhere in the range of three to five resistance levels in one set.

“Go with the variety pack,” says Drucker. “Heavier bands are great for lower body exercises, whereas you’ll want less resistance for your upper body.” With these multi-packs, you won’t need to stress over purchasing additional resistance bands to tackle different exercises.


Regardless of the type of resistance band, most of them are made with either rubber or latex. These materials are stretchy, enduring, and easy to clean. Rubber is typically more durable, but Drucker notes that latex offers a wider scope of stretch for both high-impact and low-impact exercises.

Though loop bands can also be made with these materials, you may also find some made with texture, similar to our best overall pick, RenoJ’s Resistance Bands Set. This comes as a woven knit material — providing stretch without the fear of pinching or sliding on the skin.

Included Accessories

It’s evident that the most important part of a resistance band set is the resistance bands themselves. But assuming that other accessories are included with your purchase, you might find that you can perform more workouts with a single set.

Some of the most well-known accessories you’ll find in a workout band set are handles, ankle straps, and door anchors. Handles are often cut onto tube bands with a carabiner clasp and deal a secure place to hold the tubes comfortably. Ankle straps fit loosely around the ankles — taking actions like hip adduction and hip abduction is possible. What’s more, assuming the set includes door anchors, you’ll have the option to complete kickbacks, rows, and other exercises that require the straps to be snared to a secure region, easier.

FAQs About The Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Can you build muscle with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are a highly effective way to increase muscle mass. To construct muscle effectively, you can work up to using bands that provide more resistance and increase the number of sets to promote muscle exhaustion (2Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source).

Who should use resistance bands?

Any adult can use resistance bands for stretching, recovery exercises, and resistance training. They’re highly adaptable to all fitness levels. Kids should be supervised by an adult while using them.

How long do resistance bands last?

The type of band, your usage level, and storage will all affect how long your bands will last. As a rule, you can expect your bands to last somewhere in the range of 6 months to 2 years.

Do resistance bands actually build muscle?

Since resistance bands are often used in place of free weights, it’s natural to keep thinking about whether they’ll actually help you develop fortitude. But the truth is: They will. Several studies have suggested that working out with resistance bands can be a great way to activate muscles and develop fortitude.

Is the main thing worth noting? Because resistance bands are shaped differently than free weights, they might challenge your muscles in a slightly different way than free weights will. (One study found that resistance bands activated some muscles more than free weights did — and some muscles less than free weights did — when similar exercises were performed4).

What can you expect to pay for resistance bands?

A set of quality resistance bands usually costs between $20-$80. Less expensive bands may not be as durable, while additional expensive options might accompany unnecessary accessories. The cheapest set on our list, the Insider Resistance Bands Set, is often available for less than $10. Furthermore, our most expensive pick, the BC Strength Glute Loop Package, was $120 when we last updated this list.

Conclusion – Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Resistance bands can add muscle-building power to most types of workouts. They’re also excellent for rehabilitating muscles after a physical issue. Resistance bands come in several strengths, making them highly usable by most people. They’re inexpensive and transportable, too.

On the off chance that you’re looking to tone, strengthen, or add flexibility to your physique, these easy-to-use pieces of equipment

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