Top 10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags Of 2023 (USA)

Top 10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags USA Reviews

The Best Self-Standing Punching Bags. If you want to buy the Best Free Standing Punching Bags then you are at the right place. Here you will find the Best Budget everlast free standing punching bags in 2023.

Setting up a weighty hanging bag is difficult or here and there incomprehensible in view of the roof materials. In addition, regardless of whether you could introduce it, it requires space. The best option is the free-standing punching bag without a doubt.

This kind of weighty bag needn’t bother with any arrangement, you simply need to fill the base with water or sand, and you are prepared to punch or kick it. Furthermore, after your preparation, you can move it to the edge of the room.

Yet, there are a couple of things you should remember when you purchase a bag. What’s more, there are some bad quality self-standing punching bags available that rapidly break.

Yet, I’m here to help you. Underneath you will find out with regards to the most noteworthy appraised and solid free standing punching bags, costs, issues, and what elements to look at while buying a free standing weighty bag.

Remember that I don’t list any modest standing boxing bags that are really great for just children to play with.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags Comparison Table

Image Product Price
The Best Overall: Ringside Elite
Check Price on Amazon
Best for Beginners: Century Original Wavemaster
Check Price on Amazon
Runner Up: Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag
Check Price on Amazon
Best Adjustable: Power Systems PowerForce Heavy Bag
Check Price on Amazon
Best for Apartment: Everlast Powercore bag
Check Price on Amazon
Best Human Shaped: Century BOB XL
Check Price on Amazon
Best for MMA: Century Versys Fight Simulator
Check Price on Amazon
Best Rebounding: Everlast Omniflex Bag
Check Price on Amazon
Best set: RDX B1 Dummy BOB Stand Up B
Check Price on Amazon
Best for Cardio: Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag
Check Price on Amazon

Top 10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags In 2023 USA (Updated Reviews)

1. The Best Overall: Ringside Elite

71zKoFwkxHL. AC SY450 min
  • 6’4” tall
  • Adjust the movement of the spring-loaded bag
  • Suitable for professional athletes and any martial arts


  • Tall design, hence suitable for tall people and any martial arts that require kicking
  • Very stable and swings back quickly
  • The product gives an excellent user experience
  • You can use it with full force


  • Not easy to relocate since it’s heavy and large.
  • Hard to fill the base with sand.

The Ringside Elite free standing punching bag is the victor without a doubt, suggested by proficient military craftsmen. It bag stands hard kicks and punches without falling over and gives incredible obstruction on account of the spring-stacked system inside the weighty bag. All things being equal, the bag ricochets back rapidly so contenders can rehearse protective abilities, timing, and footwork successfully.

Ringside Elite is a major free standing weighty bag with a 6’4″ tallness. For that reason, it’s so well known among MMA and Muay Thai warriors since they can rehearse low and high kicks. The cellar can be loaded up with water or sand, and when it’s filled, it weighs around 270 pounds, so it isn’t difficult to move. Albeit, such an enormous base keeps the bag upstanding after immense kicks.

The weighty bag’s striking surface region is covered by sturdy engineered cowhide, which doesn’t tear and is not difficult to clean. The thick shock-engrossing froth is neither too firm nor too delicate, giving an ideal punching surface for kicking and punching. In addition, a Ringside bag gives a thick removable high-thickness froth collar that we can put around the base to stay away from injury while doing low kicks.

To summarize, the Ringside Elite free-standing bag is a top item among free standing weighty bags that gives a fantastic client experience and can be utilized in even exercise centers. Ideal buy for everybody, even expert contenders, and enduring. I believe it’s the best free standing punching bags for Muay Thai.

2. Best for Beginners: Century Original Wavemaster

51fEFRgeAML. AC SY450 min
  • Height adjustment from 47″ to 68″
  • Rebounds well
  • Stable design


  • Adjustable in 7 positions
  • Big and comfortable hitting area
  • Compact design
  • Mobile
  • Great for cardio training


  • Users experience minimal leaking, so use sand.
  • Not suitable for experienced athletes.

Century Original Wavemaster is the most famous free standing punching bags on the rundown, with more than +3000 positive audits. It’s made for individuals who need to have fat-consuming punching and kicking exercises. It’s an out-of-the-case bag that doesn’t need any establishment, is minimal, and is not difficult to utilize.

We can see from the image that the Century Original Wavemaster free standing weighty bag has an immense limit base. In the wake of loading up with water or sand, it weighs north of 250 lb making it stable. It can hold punches and moderate kicks of conventional individuals, yet large hitters need something more strong bag. The base is round, so it isn’t difficult to move it away after the preparation.

We can likewise change the bag’s tallness in 7 situations from 47″ to 68″ with 3″ increases. That is valuable since we can set it to the client’s tallness or practice kicks.

The bag without the base is 24″ tall and 19.5″ in width, so we have an enormous hitting region, which is great for amateurs.

Century Original Wavemaster free standing bag is reasonable for normal level preparation at home. In any case, it’s most certainly not really for professionals.

3. Runner Up: Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

510dBP6nzhS. AC SY450 min
  • 69 inches tall
  • Stable weight distribution
  • Extra-large fill hole for sand or water
  • Perfect for any martial arts


  • Long-lasting construction
  • Tall design is suitable for all sorts of martial arts
  • Large hitting area
  • Good stability
  • Available in different colors
  • Spring loaded


  • If big or professional athletes hit it with full strength, it may fall over
  • Slower recoil

The Century Wavemaster XXL free standing weighty bag is perhaps the most well-known and has practically similar elements as the Ringside Elite. Nonetheless, there are a couple of grumblings about falling over and moving in the event that hit by somebody who is an expert or a weighty individual. However, assuming it is loaded up with water and sand, it is substantially more steady.

Then again, this top-notch bag is incredible stuff for the regular person working out at home. Ideal for punching and kicking to foster strength and work on battling strategies. Also, the cost is lower than the past one.

This free-standing weighty bag is 5’9″ high, and the width is 18 inches. Due to the tall plan, we can involve it for high and low kicks also. Subsequently, it’s the right thing for any combative techniques.

Dissimilar to Ringside Elite, this weighty bag doesn’t accompany a spring that prevents the bag from falling over, and it doesn’t ricochet back. Large folks or somebody who grounds pushes kicks on the bag might encounter overturning. That is difficult since Century XXL has a tremendously limited storm cellar that weighs 270 pounds assuming it’s filled. It’s a weighty piece, however, we can move it rapidly due to the adjusted base.

The outside is covered with high-thickness shock retention froth to safeguard hands, and the shell is a strong vinyl cover. Not much, materials that are solid, but not excessively firm for the skin, bones, and joints.

Ringside Elite versus Wavemaster XXL

As you see, both free standing weighty bags accompany very much like elements. Things being what they are, which is a superior bag? For set my decision on the Ringside preparing bag as it doesn’t fall over so rapidly because of spring inside and higher, however, it’s more difficult to migrate than Wavemaster. Assuming that the cost matters, Wavemaster costs less.

My decision? Century Wavemaster XLL weighty bag is a very much fabricated free standing punching bag reasonable for normal size individuals from amateur to middle-of-the-road level.

4. Best Adjustable: Power Systems PowerForce Heavy Bag

51UXgFk9JDL. AC SY450 min
  • 77 inches tall (large size)
  • 3 height adjustment settings
  • Removable foam collar to modify pivoting
  • Spring-loaded for natural rebound
  • Suitable for any martial arts


  • 3 adjustments
  • Stable (spring, massive capacity base)
  • Removable collar for better pivoting
  • Tall (great size)
  • Perfect bag core for punches and kicks (boxers, MMA fighters)


  • Expensive

Like the past two free standing punching bags, Powerforce is a tall standing bag with a limit of 77 crawls in tallness. The enormous striking surface is 65 inches. The thing that matters is that this bag accompanies 3 stature settings. Subsequently, it’s ideally suited for fighters, MMA, or kickboxing.

As you see at the base, there is a high-thickness froth collar, which is removable. Behind it, we can track down an uncompromising spring, liable for the bounce back. Assuming that we eliminate the collar, the bag’s body has more space to move, coming about in speedier bouncing back. That assists with rehearsing different battling methods.

Tiptop and Wavemaster XXL standing kickboxing bags don’t have this element. They are more static. In the event that you need a comparative bag to a conventional hanging weighty bag, Powerforce is something you might need to consider.

The collar and bag are covered with strong nylon material. The base is likewise enormous and when it’s filled, weighs 280 pounds.

To close, this is a powerful free standing weighty bag made for genuine contenders. Strong, stable, and has tallness changes. Since it’s monetarily reviewed, it tends to be utilized in boxing exercise centers.

5. Best for Apartment: Everlast Powercore bag

715GKPSIaIL. AC SY679 min
  • Adjustable from 54″ to 65″
  • Quick moving
  • Good for beginners
  • With power transfer ring


  • Adjustable product
  • Quite good stability
  • Well-constructed striking area protecting hands
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to move around


  • Not suitable for power strikes or grappling workout
  • The adjustable neck may break under heavy usage

For home preparation and wellness purposes, this Everlast punching bag is appropriate, however, it won’t stand outrageous strikes for a really long time. The issue is essentially the neck that is between the cellar and the bag. On the off chance that it is hit excessively hard, it once in a while breaks. However, the maker replaces it rapidly.

In any case, the client experience is incredible. The striking surface is agreeable to hit, and the withdrawing is additionally advantageous for rehearsing guard abilities. The cost isn’t awful.

From the image above, we can see that the best free standing punching bags have a tremendous base that can be loaded up with water or sand. The greatest weight limit with water is around 250 lbs while with sand is 370 lbs. The neck is additionally outfitted with a power change ring that lessens the development of the plastic base. Henceforth, the bag is steady.

While the Everlast standing punching bag’s neck is its most fragile point, it’s movable from 54″ to 65″. That is a useful component since we can track down the ideal size for our stature and exercise.

Tip: While the Powercore freestanding weighty bag isn’t appropriate for gigantic punches, it pulls back quickly. Consequently, it’s ideally suited for creating dexterity, timing, exactness, and musicality. It can substitute a twofold end bag.

To summarize, Powercore is the ideal decision for amateurs and high-impact home exercises, but not really for aces. For instance, it’s extraordinary for individuals who need to consume fat with boxing exercises or work on their perseverance.

6. Best Human Shaped: Century BOB XL

51JVn5ym90S. AC SY450 min
  • Life-like upper torso with shock absorption
  • Better head or body shot training
  • Very sturdy and 7 height adjustments


  • Best punching bag with a realistic experience (great for a boxer)
  • Practice hitting specific areas of the upper torso
  • Very stable (low profile base)
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable materials
  • Perfect for any combat sports and bag workout (punches and kicks), solid bottom
  • Lots of positive reviews


  • Nothing!

That BOB XL person has such a shocking fact that I have the inclination to whip him :). That face was really smart from Century.

On this rundown, Bob XL with base unit is the more reasonable free standing weighty bag without uncertainty, that is the reason it’s called Body Opponent Bag (BOB) or punching sham. Since we have a genuine chest area to hit, it’s simpler to get familiar with the different punches focusing on various body parts. We can predominantly rehearse the body shots (hits on the stomach or under the rib confine). A free standing punching sham is helpful for those warriors who can’t envision a genuine adversary while hitting a conventional weighty punching bag.

The bag’s body is made of urethane froth, which is a firm, yet sturdy material. Certain individuals think that it is excessively hard, so utilizing boxing gloves or if nothing else wraps is prescribed to keep away from injury.

Very much like the other free standing weighty bags on the rundown, this punching sham has a gigantic balance that weighs 270 pounds when filled. Since the body is removable, and the strong base is round, it’s not difficult to migrate.

We can change this Century Bob bag from 60 to 82 inches, making it simple to rehearse different guard and offense strategies. Because of the low focal gravity and the gigantic base, it slants insignificantly even if it’s set to the greatest stature. Clients need to beat this standing weighty bag with much ability to wreck it.

The bag is removable so you might involve it for ground preparation. Thus, you can substitute a catching faker.

More or less, the Century BOB is a brilliant decision for each and every individual who needs to rehearse kicks and punches. The practical body, the extraordinary flexibility, and that terrible face are only a hint of something larger. It’s my pick for the best free-standing punching bags for boxing drills.

7. Best for MMA: Century Versys Fight Simulator

51rrzwfrzfL. AC SY450 min
  • Good for ground workout
  • Good choice for MMA training
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile


  • Multifunctional exercise equipment for punches and kicks
  • Mobile and easy to store
  • Perfect for MMA, wrestling or judo
  • Good choice for conditional training


  • It’s better for combat sports with groundwork since it falls over with power punches.
  • Stronger athletes may find it light
  • Limited warranty

Pilot training programs are a decent decision for people who would rather not fight with others in certifiable circumstances. Regardless of whether you like to prepare standing up or on the ground, the Century Versys Fight Simulator will convey.

Because of its tight impression and simplicity of moving, the bag is incredibly advantageous to utilize while preparing at home. The gadget is not difficult to ship and doesn’t need a lot of room for capacity. It gauges a little north of 100 pounds with the pre-filled base included and can be set up in minutes.

A characteristic skip is duplicated on its base, and competitors can work on their method through the top and base convey handles. The Century Versys Fight Simulator allows you to deal with a wide assortment of moves or methods. As a preparation bag, it’s ideal for any individual who’s into hand-to-hand fighting.

8. Best Rebounding: Everlast Omniflex Bag

715NpHBWgEL. AC SY879 1 min
  • Adjustable height
  • Bounces well
  • Easy to move around
  • More like a reflex bag


  • Affordable, low pricing compared to the others.
  • Easy to move around, good portability
  • Quick recoil (useful for improving skills and technique)
  • Adjustable height


  • Just for light punches, not for heavy hitters
  • Fall over easily based on customer reviews because of the bottom
  • Limited warranty

The Everlast Omniflex is a modest free standing punching bag that accompanies a flexible neck so you can set to it your tallness. Be that as it may, assuming the neck is fixed to an elevated place and hit hard, a couple of clients grumble about breaking and falling over.

Nonetheless, it is a minimal free standing weighty bag for lofts. The clients like it for its happy punching surface and regular bounce back. It tends to be utilized as a reflex bag to further develop speed. For wellness and not outrageous utilization, this boxing gear is a decent purchase.

The reflex bag accompanies a movable tallness framework. We can browse different settings by utilizing a handle. Obviously, the higher we set the bar, the really willing it falls over. In any case, changes are helpful to track down the ideal stature for us. The greatest tallness we can set Omniflex is 5’7″, so it’s appropriate for taller folks.

The Everlast Omniflex is made of shock-engrossing froth, giving it an agreeable and safe hitting region. The shell is made of Never, which is a sturdy external coating.

The tough base is more modest than the past things have when it’s filled; it scales around 130 lbs. That is the reason shifting is more common, however, it’s a lot simpler to move the bag.

To finish up, the Everlast free standing punching bags are more wellness hardware than a genuine weighty punching bag. It’s magnificent for cardio exercises, rehearsing the essential punches and blends for amateurs, yet not for power hits by any means.

9. Best set: RDX B1 Dummy BOB Stand Up Bag

Untitled design min 1 1
  • 5.6 ft tall
  • Maya Hide Leather shell with solid foam core for impact absorption
  • With gloves for hand protection


  • Affordable BOB bag for home
  • Excellent stability (tapered base)
  • Real leather cover
  • Effective energy dispersion
  • Perfect to improve fighting technique


  • Not adjustable

On the off chance that you observe the past BOB weighty bag as a piece costly, here is an elective bag. While it’s not as sensible, it actually emulates the form of the human chest area. In any case, this standing punch bag has a few astounding elements.

Right off the bat, the bag is covered with carefully assembled Maya Hide Leather, which gives the sensation of the customary weighty bags. However, the veritable calfskin needs some support. Within is made of urethane froth for shock ingestion.

The bag’s tallness is 5.6 feet, which is reasonable for a large portion of the warriors, albeit taller folks might observe it a piece short.

For additional soundness, the expansive base is capable, which has superb weight circulation. No wobbling or falling over is capable regardless of whether this sham is hit with power strikes.

To summarize, assuming you want a BOB free standing punching bags that costs not exactly the Century, this RDX item is an amazing other option.

10. Best for Cardio: Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag

713L64zBLSL. AC SY450 min
  • 40″ tall
  • Just for cardio and fitness
  • 3 color options


  • Perfect for fitness exercises for home
  • Convenient usage (wrists friendly)
  • Easy to move
  • Black, red and blue color variations
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for advanced punching power, not so table bottom
  • Not for real martial artists

An ever-increasing number of individuals go to cardio boxing preparing or kickboxing, and for their purposes, Century made this oxygen-consuming standing punching bag (hiit). Contrasted with different models on this rundown, this wellness bag is made for quick and light punches and kicks, so it isn’t appropriate for power exercises.

The Century Wavemaster free standing bag has a comparable plan as XXL, yet since the item doesn’t need to be so steady, the base is more conservative. Assuming that we fill it with water or sand, the most extreme base weight is 170 lbs. In any case, with that, it isn’t appropriate to hit it with full power.

The high thickness froth center gives a not excessively firm hitting region, consequently ladies like it. The bag is 40 inches tall and 10,5 crawls in width.

Basically, this wellness standing bag is the right item for people who need to do cardio to lose fat and further develop perseverance.

Different Types of Free Standing Bags

I would put the free standing punching bags into three gatherings in light of for whom they are reasonable for:

  • For genuine battle sports: These free standing bags are made for genuine warriors; hence, they are additional huge, stable, and very much developed for sturdiness. They stand the power punches and solid kicks (weighty bag work). Such items are Ringside Elite, Century body rival bag, and Century Wavemaster XXL. These are the most costly.
  • For fledglings: These free standing weighty bags are appropriate for learning the essentials, yet not sufficient for power strikes. Such punching bags are Omniflex, Everlast Powercore.
  • For cardio exercise: These free standing punching bags are reasonable for cardio boxing like Wavemaster Cardio, yet the fledgling free standing bags are additionally helpful for these objectives.

It’s fundamental to pick the right sort for your objectives and level. Try not to purchase a restricted bag assuming you are a major hitter or a major person. Then again, don’t burn through many dollars on a bag that you can’t exploit.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags: Buying Guide

Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Find a suitable place to stand it

While standing weighty bags for boxing training and MMA are more space-accommodating than a customary hanging ones, they actually need a spot to store and utilize proficiently. Commonly, they are huge combative techniques gear with a major base. Consequently, you ought to have sufficient space to move it around freely without catching things during your exercises.

Along these lines, prior to buying, observe a spot that will be enough for the train. I think having around a 6-7 feet region around the standing bag is OK. To involve them on the basis you really want substantially more spots. More regarding home boxing exercise centers.

The material of the bags

The striking surface is generally covered with a solid vinyl covering which is a lot less expensive than certifiable calfskin. Yet, to stay away from wounds on your knuckles, it is prescribed to utilize weighty bag gloves and wrist wraps.

There is a wide scope of materials that are utilized inside the free-standing bag. It very well may be cotton, feed, high-thickness froth, other texture cradles, or even mixes. Furthermore, there are bags loaded up with air, however, those are for youngsters and not really for genuine preparation.

The substance’s thickness inside should be hard to the point of giving obstruction, yet not torment when you strike it. The majority of the free standing punching bags accompany an opening on the top with a zipper. Along these lines, you can add or eliminate the filling to make the bag appropriate for you.

The weight of the standup punching bag and base

This is a fundamental variable. In the event that the preparation bag and the balance are excessively light, it will fall over when you kick or punch it. What’s more that breaks the progression of your bag preparation and is exceptionally irritating. Then again, on the off chance that it is excessively weighty, it won’t swing as it ought to be, and it will be difficult to move it, however, this is normally not an issue.

Along these lines, purchase a free standing bag that is steady on account of its huge and weighty establishment. That can be loaded up with one or the other sand or water or even both. Additionally, really look at the base measurement. Dependability is indispensable.

Related: Learn about punching bag costs.

What is the difference between a free standing and a hanging heavy bag?

Right off the bat, in the event that you have adequate space and a suitable hanging point, go with a hanging boxing weighty bag for your home boxing exercise center. That gives the best climate to further develop guard and offense methods and foster your solidarity. In any case, a free-standing bag is an amazing option for individuals with restricted places or no hanging choices.

What are the pros and cons of free standing punching bags?


No installation is required

This is perhaps the most advantageous component. Not every person has a pillar or other spot to set up a hanging bag. In addition, not every person has insight and apparatuses to set up such a huge article someplace at the home rec center. Assuming you are among them, it is a phenomenal purchase for you.

You simply need to fill the base with water or sand, and it is prepared to utilize.


Contrasted with the hanging weighty bag, it is a compact punching bag. After use, you can carry it to the edge of the room, so it doesn’t upset your regular routine.

Furthermore, in the event that you purchase lighter and more modest gear, you might take it with you anyplace you need it.

Reasonable for any military workmanship or better cardio exercises

“Profoundly,” it is reasonable for kicks and knee strikes. Subsequently, a brilliant instrument for kickboxing is Muay Thai or MMA. It’s an adaptable instrument to foster your offense and safeguard your abilities.

Involve the bag for cardio, it gives more flexible preparation due to kicking. Subsequently, you can have absolute body exercise and consume more calories.

Appropriate for each individual from your loved ones

The length of the free standing punching bags makes them reasonable for everybody to utilize it. Also, they have a protected and not all that intense striking surface. Thus, even your children can utilize it.

The bad

Cheap ones are not for pros

Assuming you are at a high level with strong hits, don’t buy a reasonable independent punching bag. Those are for the regular person’s home exercise center. They fall over or, far more detestable, break under weighty utilization. What’s more, the expert ones are expensive without uncertainty. You can discover some modest punching bags here, intense.

They could move

A typical issue with a standup boxing bag is that it moves to assume you put it on a smooth floor. Nonetheless, you can fix it by putting an elastic exercise center mat under it. It cost a couple of bucks, and it even safeguards your floor. It’s prescribed to fill it with sand or water, yet the sand is heavier. A few bags additionally accompany pull cups.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags: FAQs

Should I fill my bag with sand or water?

The sand is heavier, however, it’s harder to fill it through the base’s little fill opening. You want to utilize dry sand. To get the greatest base weight, fill it with sand, and afterward attempt to add water.

Do you really want gloves for a punching bag?

The standing punching bags above are loaded up with high-thickness froth, which gives a satisfactory immovability.
In any case, I suggest wearing boxing gloves, or if nothing else hand wraps, to keep away from wounds and different wounds.

What are the best punching bag brands?

Title, Ringside, Everlast, and Venum are largely great brands, yet as of late I buy RDX gear since they have extraordinary items at a reasonable cost. Notwithstanding. there are other punching bag brands, for example, Ringside or Outslayer that merit looking at.

How might I stop my free standing punching bag from moving?

For that you set it on a smooth floor, and you should put an elastic mat under it. You can likewise utilize sand rather than water to fill the storm cellar (You might join both for the most extreme weight).

Best Free Standing Punching Bags: Conclusion

Wavemaster punching bags are perhaps the best value for the money in the event that you are not an ace. I will add all the more free standing punching bags to this rundown, later on, however, is elusive a quality free standing weighty bag available. In the event that you have any inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble, ask underneath, and I’ll help you quickly.

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